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Tips and How-tos:


Step 1: Our users should use Bum’s mail servers for sending email

Your incoming and outgoing mail server should be the same. Use SSL encryption with user authentication.

Step 2: Setup of email addresses for reporting problems

Create these two mailboxes: abuse@yourdomain and postmaster@yourdomain

Step 3: Create an SPF record

What is SPF?:

Warning!: Step 1 is required before proceeding. Creating an SPF record without known email servers will result in your email being rejected.

Verify your SPF record:

Bum users: SPF record can be set in your control panel under: DNS –> Records. Click on SPF and follow instructions.

Step 4: Set up DKIM record

What is DKIM?:

Warning!: Step 1 is required before proceeding.

Verify your DKIM record:

Bum users: DKIM record can be set in your control panel under: Mail –> Domain –> “DomainKeys Identified Mail” Wizard will guide you through creation of necessary keys.

Step 5: DMARC checking

What is DMARC?:

Warning!: Steps 1, 2, 3, 4 are required before proceeding.

Verify your DMARC record:

System DMARC provides reports if and how many emails were sent from unauthorized domain (set in SPF record).

Bum users: DMARC record can be set in your control panel under: DNS –> Records. For “Aggregate” address, use postmaster email from step 2. For “Forensic” address use abuse email from step 2.

Final words

Big email providers like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others are already checking SPF, DKIM and DMARC records. Therefore it is advisable to set up these records for your domain to lower the chance of emails being rejected or marked as spam.

These steps are especially recommended for mailing lists.


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